Sherpa Intensive 1-day training package:

Example of timings:

09.00 for 09.15 Arrive
09.15 Welcome & introduction – to each other, the day and the benefits.
09.35 Students complete Yoga registration form
(so that Yoga can be bespoke to individual health needs).
09.45 Transformation Yoga introductory class (energising theme) and guidance for use at work
11.15 Break
11.30 Introduction to Optimal Breathing: Breath Awareness and Enhancement
Light Lunch
12.50 Optimal Breathing – the science of good breathing
13.00 Transformation Yoga class (relaxation theme)
13.45 Break
14.00 Pure Meditation Foundation (with break)
16.35 Evaluation
16.45 Close

A Sherpa 1-day Intensive Course Handbook is provided free of charge to each participant.

Target audience

The Sherpa training package could potentially benefit every single member of staff in your organisation and, as a professional trainer and coach, Paul Beard is able to tailor the training to the needs of different teams.

We leave it to you to decide who you believe would benefit most from the training, although we are happy to provide guidance on this.

Voluntary attendance

We invite attendance to be voluntary as far as possible. Although the training is a complete package in its own right, as far as Sherpa is concerned, participants who do not wish to learn any particular part; i.e. Transformation Yoga and/or Pure Meditation Foundation and/or Optimal Breathing can miss these out. Unfortunately, we are unable to subsidise the fee if anyone chooses to do this.

Number of participants

In all group training, numbers are kept to a maximum of 12 (and minimum of 5), so as to give plenty of individual attention to participants’ learning and practice and so that in the Transformation Yoga sections of the course, postures and movements can be adapted according to individual need.

Please advise participants to wear loose, layered clothing with no shorts, low necklines or sleeveless tops. You are welcome to bring your own Yoga/Pilates non-slip mat, cushions and blankets, although these will all be provided.

Health conditions

At the beginning of every training course involving Transformation Yoga, all participants are required to complete and sign a health questionnaire so that a) the trainer is aware of any health conditions and can tailor the training accordingly, and b) each participant takes full responsibility for their health and wellbeing whilst participating.

Breathing conditions

As there is a great deal of emphasis on the breath throughout the Sherpa training package, where possible, please ask potential participants with breathing problems (diagnosed or otherwise) to consult their GP and obtain their GP’s consent to participate. Thank you. A version of Pure Meditation Foundation can be learnt without reference to the breath.

Pregnant participants

We cannot train participants in Transformation Yoga who are pregnant or those who have given birth less than three months before the training. These participants would have to attend a specialist Ante-Natal/Post Natal yoga class which Sherpa does not provide at present in the corporate environment. However, pregnant participants can attend the Pure Meditation Foundation and Optimal Breathing training at the trainer’s discretion.

All practices taught by Sherpa are gentle, and should, if carried out as taught, be beneficial to participant’s overall physical and psychological health. However, if participants have any serious medical or psychological problem, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, mental illness, back or neck problems, or recent abdominal or chest surgery, they should consult their GP or health professional before undertaking the Sherpa training.

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