Progressive Coaching

Paul Beard is a qualified Coach (OPRC Dip P.Couns.Coach) accredited by CSA.

Progressive Coaching is based on a fundamental Yogic principle that negativity of any kind reduces awareness and is unhealthy to harbour, but that it can be released safely through Yogic practices, including the kind taught by Sherpa. It may even just be dissolved subconsciously. This includes so called ‘emotional baggage.’

We do not actually need fear of any kind. Intelligence, intuition and common sense are sufficient to see us safely through life.

It is Paul’s view (and personal experience through Yoga and Meditation practice) that letting go of fear is what truly enriches life and brings more happiness and wellbeing than anything else. It also enables peak performance.

It can be helpful to think of Progressive Coaching as a two-stage process:

1) Removing blocks to clarity, insight and motivation

The first stage aims to uncover your inherent positivity, enable you to re-connect with it (often using mental Yogic tools) and identify and let go of any negativity or fear that is preventing this.

2) Seeing your way ahead & moving forward

Once you are re-connected to the awareness and clarity that a positive state of mind enables, the second stage is to then to identify any goals you have and how to achieve them. The second stage is usually much easier after completion of the first and results can be achieved much more quickly.

Depending on the issues presented, the client may need to move back and forth between stage 1 & 2.


Re-connecting to your inherent positivity also makes it much easier to connect with your intuition (literally ‘inner tutor’) which can guide you in finding more meaning, purpose, fulfilment, happiness and direction in your life – if you allow it to.


Progressive Coaching will help you to identify your ego. From a Yogic perspective, ego is both the driver of our material desires, emotional reactions and patterns and the driver of dis-connection with others. As a result, ego very often acts as an obstacle to doing what we need to do for our own happiness and well-being and that of friends/family/colleagues.

Progressive Coaching can help you to master the ego aspect of yourself – to the degree that you wish – so that the inherent, genuinely positive you is more in charge of your life. This is a very empowering process.

It is important to note that ‘ego’ in the holistic Yogic sense can tell us that we are not only ‘better’ or more ‘right’ than others, but can also tell us that we are ‘worse’ than others (e.g. ‘not good enough’) or ‘wrong.’ Both viewpoints are ultimately false and Progressive Coaching will help you to see through them.

If you are looking to increase your overall wellbeing and/or your performance at work, the influence of ego can really impede both.

Know yourself

Progressive Coaching – which can employ a ‘tough love’ approach when needed – will help you to discern what is ego and what is the genuine you so you can get to the root of any issue that is preventing you from moving forward (again to the degree you choose) and re-connect you to feeling great, working well and making progress towards achieving your potential.

It can be applied to your professional life, your personal life, or both.

Informed by 2,500 years of Yogic wisdom and insight, coupled with intuition, intelligence, common sense and mindfulness, Progressive Coaching is a powerful approach to enabling you to become the person you want to be.

Paul and his Progressive Coaching colleagues work with both individuals and groups, face to face or through Skype.

Face to face Progressive Coaching is generally not available as a stand-alone service. If face to face is required, Progressive Coaching will need to be booked alongside another Sherpa training package.


One to One Progressive Coaching (1.5 hours)          £60

Group Progressive Coaching (1.5 – 2 hours)             £80

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