“Mindfulness is one way that many entrepreneurs choose to combat the toll wrought by round-the-clock emails, long working hours and other aspects of our accelerated business culture,” the Virgin Founder writes in a recent blog. “The business leader Arianna Huffington says that mindfulness gives her a competitive edge; Steve Jobs did too.”

Richard Branson: ‘Why entrepreneurs should practise mindfulness’    https://www.virgin.com/entrepreneur/richard-branson-why-entrepreneurs-should-practise-mindfulness



The impact of Yoga & Breathing exercises on thinking, clarity & wellbeing

Ky Wright, one of the co-founders of Lick frozen yoghurt, recently moved the firm’s offices into a co-operative space in Brighton, where he takes part in yoga and breathing exercise classes with others from around the building. He says the impact it has on thinking, clarity and wellbeing can be “incredible”, and dramatically increases his own and his colleagues’ happiness.

See https://www.business-reporter.co.uk/2014/06/12/boost-your-productivity-and-profits-with-mindfulness-and-meditation/#gsc.tab=0



After attending SAP’s mindfulness training last year, Daniel Holz, SAP’s managing director for Germany, decided to roll it out to all staff in the country as part of a program launched on Tuesday that includes 80 different training options. “The course helped me learn how to shut out the noise of everyday life and concentrate on what really matters,” Holz said. “I have more mental peace and feel more balanced.

 See https://www.reuters.com/article/us-world-work-sap/at-germanys-sap-employee-mindfulness-leads-to-higher-profits-idUSKCN1II1BW