Self knowledge – the key to maximising your capabilities

The Sherpa training comes from the Yogic wisdom that life is all about balance. Balancing work, rest and play. We kid ourselves when we think we can work 18 hour days for days on end and still maintain peak performance. As human beings, we generally have limits. I say ‘generally’ because I do believe that if the power of our … Read More

How exactly do the Sherpa wellbeing practices – in and of themselves – enhance performance?

Wellbeing exercises and practices – such as physical exercise, receiving massage, aromatherapy or other complementary therapies, can all increase employee happiness and health – as can wellbeing initiatives, such as free gym membership, weight loss and stop smoking challenges. And it’s proved that improved happiness and health do enhance employee performance. Sherpa’s three wellbeing practices will also do that for … Read More

My revelation with Transformation Yoga – How less is more

I have practised Yoga on and off throughout my adult life. I expect like many yoga students, I had always assumed that the stronger the Yoga, the greater that ‘chill-out factor’ would be by the end – having worked and stretched muscles and tendons to their limit. But in 2008, I began attending a men’s yoga class run by a … Read More

More on Optimal Breathing and Quality Decision-making

When you are suddenly faced with a potentially stressful situation, mental techniques (and recalling them in your mind) generally will not cut it. The stress reaction will have taken you over and you’ll feel like you’ve lost control. Your thinking and therefore your decision-making will be affected. You will be at risk of making irrational – wrong – decisions. Nothing … Read More

More on Yoga and improved performance

The word ‘yoga’ is an ancient Indian Sanskrit word meaning to yoke, join, bind, or come into union. What this means for a practitioner of yoga is a harmonising of each person on all levels of their being – body, mind and essence. We can often feel like our bodies and minds are separate, perhaps having conflicting needs and demands, … Read More

More on Meditation & Staff Retention

Practicing Meditation regularly develops the practitioner’s awareness. For employers and managers this is a key benefit for their staff. When anyone becomes more aware in everyday life, they are not only more aware of themselves, but also of others – the needs of others around them and how they relate to them. Crucially for employers and managers, greater awareness on … Read More