More on Optimal Breathing and Quality Decision-making

When you are suddenly faced with a potentially stressful situation, mental techniques (and recalling them in your mind) generally will not cut it. The stress reaction will have taken you over and you’ll feel like you’ve lost control. Your thinking and therefore your decision-making will be affected. You will be at risk of making irrational – wrong – decisions.

Nothing is more simple and direct in such a situation than taking your attention to your breathing and using the easy Yogic techniques taught by Sherpa to take charge of it, thereby taking charge of your response and preventing stress from taking you over.

Using the breath in this way will help you not to react; note: ‘re-act’ – repeat behaviour based on past fears/anxieties when you are under their influence. Using the breath consciously and in a skilful way will mean you are far more likely not to fall prey to emotional reactions which can and do cloud judgement and discernment.

Every new problem/situation will be different in some way to previous ones.

By using the breath and staying cool, calm & collected, you are therefore much more likely to remain focussed and responsive to the needs and demands of the current problem/situation and deal with it well.

Here, we are talking about immediate & short-term stressful situations.

Over the longer term, ongoing practice of Optimal Breathing techniques will mean they become habitual – even second nature – whenever you find yourself in a stressful situation.

When this happens, you feel more in control than ever before and it is liberating. Your confidence in being able to handle stressful situations increases and you are better able to maintain peak performance in challenging conditions, making decisions with a cool, clear head that are right for you and your business.

Good examples here are:

  • When you are negotiating important business deals
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Giving important presentations
  • Dealing directly with the public

The breath, when used with awareness and skill in such situations, can be a quiet but powerful ally that’s with you every step and enables you to keep your head, keep your cool and therefore operate at your best.