Our fees are flexible and always open to negotiation. They are informed by your budget, business needs and to what extent you block book training (i.e. discounts normally apply upon booking consecutive training and/or coaching days), together with our assessment of viability.

Please contact Paul Beard so we can discuss and agree a programme that is right for your people and your business needs.

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We can offer a presentation or pitch to you and your colleagues, as necessary, by Skype, phone or potentially in person – as needed.

I’m definitely much more resilient as a leader. I listen more carefully and with less reactivity in high-stakes meetings. I work with a lot of senior executives who can be very demanding, but that doesn’t faze me anymore. It’s almost an emotional and mental bank account. I’ve now got much more of a buffer there.Richard Fernandez, a director of executive development at Google who undertook Google’s ‘Search Inside Yourself’ Meditation and Mindfulness training says he sees a significant difference in his work behaviour since taking the training

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Financial Times (UK) article:
“The mind business. Yoga, meditation, ‘mindfulness’ – why some of the west’s biggest companies are embracing eastern spirituality”
24 August 2012

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