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Financial Times (UK) article:

‘The mind business. Yoga, meditation, ‘mindfulness’ – why some of the west’s biggest companies are embracing eastern spirituality’

24 August 2012


Business Reporter article:

Boost your productivity and profits with mindfulness & meditation’

12th June 2014


Forbes article:

‘Yoga Made Me A Better CEO’

25th March 2011


Study by Corporate Yoga London – ‘The Cost of Stress, the Benefits of Yoga: How Yoga can dramatically increase productivity in the workplace’

November 2013


New York Times article on Mindfulness training at Google:

OK, Google, take a deep breath’

28th April 2012


New York Post article:

‘Why yoga could help you thrive at work’

27th July 2014


Huffington Post article:

‘Mindfulness, Meditation, Wellness and Their Connection to Corporate America’s Bottom Line’

18th March 2013


BBC News article & video

‘Scans show mindfulness meditation brain boost’

4th January 2012


BBC News article & video on Mindfulness at the World Economic Forum in Davos:

‘Can ‘mindful meditation’ increase profits?’

29th January 2013


1/3 reduction in employees’ stress levels after one hour of yoga a week (Aetna/Duke University).

239 Aetna employee volunteers were randomized into a therapeutic yoga worksite stress reduction program, 1 of 2 mindfulness-based programs, or a control group that participated only in assessment. Compared with the control group, the mind-body interventions showed significantly greater improvements on perceived stress, sleep quality, and the heart rhythm coherence ratio of heart rate variability.

See for the study


Research@INSEAD study:

‘Debiasing the Mind through Meditation: Mindfulness and the Sunk Cost Bias’

14th August 2013


Harvard Gazette article:

‘Eight weeks to a better brain. Meditation study shows changes associated with awareness & stress’ (conducted by the Massachusetts General Hospital)

January 2011 

For the study itself, see:


The results suggest that participation in Mindfulness training is associated with changes in grey matter concentration in brain regions involved in learning and memory processes, emotion regulation, self-referential processing, and perspective taking.

Journal of Traumatic Stress, 27(4), 397–405. Study:

Seppälä, E. M., Nitschke, J. B., Tudorascu, D. L., Hayes, A., Goldstein, M. R., Nguyen, D. T. H., Perlman, D., & Davidson, R. J. (2014). Breathing-based meditation decreases posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms in u.s. Military veterans: a randomized controlled longitudinal study.


‘How Meditation Might Boost Your Test Scores’

3rd April 2013

In a study published in March 2013 in the journal Psychological Science, the researchers found that after a group of undergraduates went through a two-week intensive mindfulness training program, their mind-wandering decreased and their working memory capacity improved. They also performed better on a reading comprehension test


and for the study itself.


Studies of the effects of Yoga on back pain by the US National Center for Complementary & Integrative Health (NCCIH):

A 2009 NCCIH-funded study of 90 people with chronic low-back pain found that participants who practiced Iyengar yoga had significantly less disability, pain, and depression after 6 months.

(See Williams K, Abildso C, Steinberg L, et al. Evaluation of the effectiveness and efficacy of Iyengar yoga therapy on chronic low back pain. Spine. 2009;34(19):2066–2076.)

In a 2011 study, also funded by NCCIH, researchers compared yoga with conventional stretching exercises or a self-care book in 228 adults with chronic low-back pain. The results showed that both yoga and stretching were more effective than a self-care book for improving function and reducing symptoms due to chronic low-back pain.

(See Sherman KJ, Cherkin DC, Wellman RD, et al. A randomized trial comparing yoga, stretching, and a self-care book for chronic low back pain. Archives of Internal Medicine. 2011;171(22):2019–2026.)

Conclusions from another 2011 study of 313 adults with chronic or recurring low-back pain suggested that 12 weekly yoga classes resulted in better function than usual medical care.

(See Tilbrook HE, Cox H, Hewitt CE, et al. Yoga for chronic low back pain: a randomized trial. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2011;155(9):569–578.)

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