More on Meditation & Staff Retention

Practicing Meditation regularly develops the practitioner’s awareness. For employers and managers this is a key benefit for their staff.

When anyone becomes more aware in everyday life, they are not only more aware of themselves, but also of others – the needs of others around them and how they relate to them.

Crucially for employers and managers, greater awareness on the part of the employee naturally breeds a higher level of conscience and conscientiousness. This translates into empathy, loyalty to and sensitivity to the needs of the team they work in. They are then more likely to be retained and for longer.

The sense of well-being generated by practising Meditation will also contribute to general work-life satisfaction and make people feel more content. This can also then translate into greater retention.

When people start to practice such techniques, they usually begin to realise how taking responsibility for our health and well-being can actually make us feel good and add to our sense of well-being.

Ongoing practice of Meditation often has the knock-on effect of making it easier to take responsibility for our health & well-being – people become less self-sabotaging and more valuing of themselves (i.e. self esteem), their needs and the needs of colleagues. This fosters a sense of belonging to a work ‘community,’ and staff – when they feel this – are more likely to stay.