I took Paul’s half day meditation course and found it to be life changing. It was a gentle and caring introduction to a practice that’s allowing me to build a foundation of peace, calmness and resilience – no matter what the business world chucks at me!Petre Sefton, Former Managing Director of Croner Publications
Paul teaches a transformative Yoga and I can vouch that it has been transformative for myself and my colleague. I have worked with Paul for more than a year now. The simple, gentle and easily accessible techniques that I have learnt have really helped to create clarity in decision making, reduced levels of stress and seeing the ‘bigger picture’ in our business and personal activities.S Carter, Pynto Limited
I try to practise some yoga everyday incorporating many of the moves and relaxation techniques Paul teaches and I feel lucky that I was able to have that experience with him because I feel I can cope with the changes at work and still really enjoy my job.

I am a primary school teacher and the current changes in education have caused much stress and anxiety to many teachers; however I have found since attending Paul’s yoga and meditation classes I feel much calmer at work, my personal focus, concentration and time management skills have improved greatly, which has, in turn, helped me to enjoy ‘living in the moment’ enabling me to really enjoy my time with the children. I believe this shift in attitude has enhanced my teaching and I wish to thank Paul for helping me to achieve this positive new state of mind.Sue Knock, School Teacher

Practising Yoga can give you a valuable personal strength to draw on when you’re under pressure at work and need to be able to take a breath, step back for a moment and see the bigger picture.
I have always found Paul’s Yoga to be deeply relaxing and restoring – no matter how you may be feeling at the start you will always come away calmer, more relaxed and more productive.SC, IT Systems Consultant
My head often swirls with creative ideas and work plans: the demands of modern life and instant communication can drive these commitments into disabling spirals of tension. Paul’s calm, enabling yoga practise simply offers ‘another place to be’. I find ideas and directions are often clearer after the quiet distancing of yoga. And I feel better in myself.ISW
Paul has led my yoga and meditation practice for less than a year, and I have already noticed two main benefits.  Firstly, my posture is better, so my lower back gives me much less trouble than before.  Also I am able use techniques to reduce stress and feel more generally calmAlan Toogood
Bringing Yoga/Meditation into my life has enabled me to make a full recovery following lower back surgery and a stroke. Thanks to Paul’s excellent tuition I quickly regained my confidence and sense of well-being and my stress level dropped to an all-time low. Paul has a gentle approach to his teaching which creates an immediate feeling of peace and relaxation. I started attending Paul’s classes two years ago and still attend on a regular basis. Transformation Hatha Yoga has become part of my life.Vikki Hunt
Paul has a light-hearted and joyful approach to teaching yoga.  Through his instruction I have learned to manage not only the physical pain of arthritis and muscle damage but also the mental pain of deep personal loss for which I shall for ever be grateful.Carole W
I work for Bristol City Council and we recently had team away day. Throughout the day, we discussed concerns we were experiencing within the teams’ dynamics and structure. Paul Beard was asked to provide a yoga session at the end of the day. The experience was both unwinding and unifying. It enabled us to retire any tensions built up from the challenging day and relax both physically and mentally. Not to mention the sense of team connection that was created through the sharing of such a wholesome event. Thank you!Tanya Ramanah, Bristol City Council Adult Care