The benefits to you, your staff & your business

Having been employed within a large organisation 2004-17, we’re convinced that employers and their staff are largely missing out on the very real benefits of integrating easy, down to earth Yoga, Meditation and Breath Awareness/Enhancement into their work environment.

If applied properly, the benefits of doing so are potentially immense for you and your people:

  • More energy and stamina, less stress
  • Increased well-being, less dissatisfaction
  • More focus, less attention deficit
  • More creativity, less tension
  • Improved breathing – clearer thinking and better decision-making
  • More positivity, less cynicism
  • More resilience, less sickness
  • Better emotional management/intelligence (‘EI’)
  • More self-confidence, less anxiety
  • Better communication, team working and adaptability to change, less frustration

What does this actually mean for your business?

  • Improved staff health and wellbeing – lower absenteeism; lower OH & sickness-related meeting costs

This is based on common sense: when people feel better in themselves, they work better – they take less time off sick and their performance improves.

  • Improved performance & productivity – giving you an edge over your competition

When people’s performance improves, they then feel even better about themselves. It’s a win-win dynamic. They have more patience, tolerance and empathy for colleagues, are less self-absorbed and make better team players – leading to greater productivity.

  • Improved staff retention – lower recruitment costs

When people feel better in themselves, they are more likely to stay with your company, including your most talented. Many employees flit from company to company thinking it’s the company’s fault they feel bad. In reality and in the majority of cases, it’s the employees lack of well-being that drives this, although most do not realise it. Therefore, equip your staff with practices to increase their well-being and you will retain more of them. They may even thank you for it.

  • Easier change management / restructuring

Organisational restructuring is invariably a more stressful time for many employees. This can cause a lowering of morale and in some cases productivity. The introduction of Sherpa’s well-being and performance-enhancing practices can lessen the impact of this and, with the right follow-up support and resources, potentially prevent it.

  • Improved profit margins

Better individual staff performance and collective team working, higher productivity and lower absenteeism equals a better bank balance for your company.

See our Evidence Base which provides ample proof of these claims.

– all from putting staff well-being at the heart of your decision-making.

Sherpa training can work well alongside, or as part of your company’s well-being programme. Alternatively, if your company doesn’t yet have a well-being programme, Sherpa’s training could get one off to a flying start.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and goals.