The Sherpa practices take Mindfulness further…

Essential to our teaching of Transformation Yoga, Pure Meditation Foundation and Optimal Breathing, we teach accessible and down to earth self mastery techniques, specially selected from the Kriya Yoga tradition for their ease, practicality and accessibility.

These are personal energy management techniques that focus, uplift, protect, ground and energise the practitioner’s own energy and enable them to master their minds and emotions, uplifting them mentally and emotionally.

Here, we teach techniques employing a combination of willpower, focus, intention and the breath, rather than any physical kriya techniques. These are practiced with focussed Mindfulness.

For example, like all of Sherpa’s wellbeing and performance-enhancing practices, Pure Meditation Foundation is, on one level, a Mindfulness practice that, like all Mindfulness practices, develops awareness, focus and concentration.

But unlike standard Mindfulness meditations (such as the Mindfulness of breathing or body scanning), PMF has added elements: specific inward affirmation and visualisation components that are repeated in harmony with the breath. These added elements harness more of the power of the mind to create deeper calmness and inner peace, more authentic positivity (and the resilience this creates), mental and emotional strength and more powerful presence than standard Mindfulness practices. How do we know this? Because we have taught both extensively and there is a clear difference in terms of the quality of practitioner experiences.