The Sherpa practices take Mindfulness further…

For example, in Transformation Yoga, you are very mindfully present with the gentle movement and stretching and breathing in harmony with these. But rather than being mindful of anything and everything you are experiencing (pure Mindfulness), you are purposely directing your attention – focusing it on both breath and movement – which then releases tension and pain and re-connects you with ease, wellbeing and flow.

In Pure Meditation Foundation, again you are very mindfully present, but you are also training the mind not just to develop more mindfulness, but also focus and concentration and any Meditation practice should develop this. However, practicing the specific affirmation and visualisation aspects of Pure Meditation Foundation means that the mind is also harnessing its own power to develop all-important inner strength, positivity and resilience.

In Optimal Breathing, you are mindfully present, but again you are purposely directing – focusing attention – this time on breathing alone, in ways that are going to increase your wellbeing, energy and therefore performance.

So, while Mindfulness is effective in itself, what really sharpens the mind and takes wellbeing and performance to the next level is:                                                         

a) taking charge of the mind – choosing to practice mindfulness of something specific (like movement or the breath) and developing the ability to focus your attention on that one thing for as long as you choose to, and

b) Using Sherpa’s accessible physical and mental Yogic techniques that powerfully re-connect you with real positivity and wellbeing – making you more productive and resilient at the same time.