• To introduce forms of meditation, yoga and optimal breathing that have been tailored for 21st century needs in a business environment, whilst retaining their core essence
  • To equip participants with these tailored practices in order to:
    Empower them to reach peak performance levels and to sustain these levels – potentially through all challenges
    Enable them to build a deep-seated, solid and strong foundation of well-being and resilience at work – that can potentially be sustained through all challenges
  • To build knowledge of how sustained performance and resilience at work is dependent upon sustained well-being
  • To equip participants with an accessible, practical and down to earth meditation practice that they are going to find useful, effective and potentially invaluable
  • To equip participants with Optimal Breathing: breath awareness and enhancement techniques that can quickly and powerfully prevent stress and anxiety from affecting the quality of their decision-making, their efficiency and overall performance, and teach them in the science behind such techniques
  • To make yoga ‘do-able’ – accessible and adaptable for individuals of all abilities (including less able people) and to demonstrate that ‘less is more’ when yoga is practiced properly
  • To offer and provide refresher course training in order to support participants to establish these practices in their daily working lives over the longer term to help them meet the ever changing demands of the business environment
  • To offer and provide Progressive Coaching to individuals and/or groups (as needed) – a powerful approach that enables you to become the person you want to be. See for more on Progressive Coaching.

Paul Beard Teaching Sherpa YogaSherpa Yoga Workshop in the Workplace