Self knowledge – the key to maximising your capabilities

The Sherpa training comes from the Yogic wisdom that life is all about balance. Balancing work, rest and play. We kid ourselves when we think we can work 18 hour days for days on end and still maintain peak performance. As human beings, we generally have limits. I say ‘generally’ because I do believe that if the power of our minds and willpower is developed enough and we are intuitive enough to know how best to use it, we can transcend limits that we previously thought to be immovable. Most of us aren’t quite there yet!

But you will enhance and maintain performance at work if you look after yourself and attend to your overall wellbeing and the Sherpa training supports people to do this. If you are an 18 hours a day person whose bordering on burn-out, initially, you may have to settle for working fewer hours, but this is likely to be quickly matched, or even surpassed by an increase in quality of work as you function closer to your peak. If you put the Sherpa practices into your life and develop self knowledge, you are then more likely to understand your capabilities and how to maximise them. Self knowledge is the key here.