Yoga, Meditation and Optimal Breathing in the workplace?

Transformation Yoga – Easy, accessible and adaptable Yoga – release tension, feel energised, become more flexible, creative and motivated at work

It is already happening inside many companies – Yoga has been around for at least 2,500 years and is now a growing phenomenon in some of the most established and successful businesses globally.

We teach ‘Transformation Yoga’ – easy, accessible and highly adaptable for all abilities, including those of less able people. This is a form of Hatha Yoga – harmonising gentle movement and stretches with the breath in a focussed way – transforming stress and tension into mental calm and clarity, creativity and motivation.

We teach easier variations and alternative positions to every main position taught – so that people can practice safely and there is something for everyone.

Transformation Yoga can be practised standing, walking, kneeling, sitting (including on a chair at your desk), and lying down.

Yoga in the Workplace with Paul Beard
Pure Meditation Foundation – Build inner strength, positivity, mindfulness and resilience for the demands of modern business life

This meditation comes from the Yogic tradition and is ideal for beginners or those who have perhaps tried other forms of meditation unsuccessfully.

You will learn that rather than ‘emptying the mind of thoughts’ (a popularly held myth), meditation is holding our focus on one thing – in this case an affirmation combined with a visualisation and inwardly repeated in time with the breath.

This practice is an excellent training for the mind in developing focus and concentration – abilities that seem to be getting eroded in our age of distraction – so improving them will help you and your staff in your work.

The inwardly repeated affirmation and visualisation aspects of the Meditation harness the power of the mind to develop inner strength, positivity and resilience.

There is no need to take on new beliefs other than believing in the power of your mind to bring you the benefits.

Pure Meditation Foundation can lead to an in-depth course of Pure Meditation.

Meditation in the Workplace with Paul Beard
Optimal BreathingEasy breath enhancement exercises and the science behind them. Take charge of stress, focus and think clearly. Be inspired.

The positive effects of conscious breathing for stress relief, and overall better health and well-being is generally greatly undervalued in our culture – but it can help enormously.

Deliberately slowing and deepening the breath eases stress in the mind and allows clearer thinking and decision-making and creative ideas to arise.

The breath awareness & enhancement techniques taught by Sherpa can quickly and powerfully prevent stress and anxiety from affecting the quality of decision-making, efficiency and overall performance.

Taking in adequate oxygen re-vitalises all our organs, boosts the immune system and makes us feel more alive, energised, clear, calm and steady in ourselves and helps us to focus.

The techniques, again from the Yogic tradition, are easy and accessible and Paul will explain the science behind them.

Optimal Breathing Exercise Image