At the heart of the Self Realization system of yoga and meditation practices, Kriya Meditation is a beautiful, in-depth meditation practice that has the power to transform your life for the better.

Beneath our emotional dramas, unfulfilled desires and unresolved issues, or ‘baggage’, is the deeper you carrying that baggage. Whatever issues you have, the Kriya Meditation techniques enable you to connect with this innermost essence/soul/spirit and experience peace, unconditional love of life, joy ~ and the health and resilience that such positivity creates ~ in every aspect of your life.

Kriya Meditation is normally taught as a residential course over seven days, five at first and two approximately 6 months later, at the Open Pathway Retreat Centre in Somerset. This is usually the best way to take the course and gives you the opportunity to relax and unwind whilst learning and assimilating the Meditation practice in a peaceful retreat environment, free of the usual demands and distractions of daily life.

If you’re interested, we would wholeheartedly recommend that you learn Kriya Meditation this way. 

Learning Kriya Meditation can be a very natural next step after learning and practicing Pure Meditation Foundation, as taught by Sherpa.

Of all the Yogic and Mindfulness training Paul has undertaken over 20+ years, Kriya Meditation has been the most transformative. Powerfully life-enhancing in every way!

Bespoke Kriya Meditation teaching

with Paul Beard (OPRCTC* Cert. KM)

Would you like to learn this ancient, in-depth meditation practice, but are unable to commit to a 5-day residential course?

  • You may be a carer for an adult or a child
  • You may be ill, or have anxiety or agoraphobia
  • Or, you just may not be able to take five days out for yourself for another reason

As a peripatetic Kriya Meditation teacher, Paul** can teach you in your own home, or locally to you, in a flexible way that suits your particular needs and circumstances, either 1 to 1, in a pair/couple, or in a small group. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

How Kriya Meditation can significantly enhance your life

Kriya Meditation is a ‘depth meditation’ with the power to transform your life for the better. It is for all who wish to find and be their true selves. It is dedicated to helping you find inner strength and wisdom, greater peace of mind and a deeper understanding of yourself and others. Kriya Meditation will help to enhance your intuition, your creativity and unlock your potential, significantly enhancing resilience and well-being. This beautiful in-depth course covers all spiritual and and worldly issues for the 21st Century – enabling you to master and be in charge of yourself and your life.

Kriya Meditation – is for the whole being: mind, body and spirit – and for people from 16 years upwards, of all backgrounds and beliefs. Develop your patience, concentration, unconditional love, joy and deepen your inner peace ~ this also leads to becoming more dynamic, discerning and develops self mastery.

Kriya simply means ‘to do’ and this Meditation incorporates many different forms of Kriya techniques ~ enhancing vitality and breathing ~ tried and tested over aeons and in line with what is needed in this century.

Kriya Meditation also includes Raja Yoga. ‘Yoga’ means union and includes mind-based practices, not necessarily just physical ones. Raja Yoga simply means the best from all kinds of beneficial Yoga, so is used alongside Kriya to bring you, as an individual, the ultimate in Meditation practices.

Taught by experienced Teachers, this course also gives you a Retreat away from your everyday life ~ and time and space to learn, assimilate and release any old conditioning and fears which you may have, so that you emerge more truly yourself and ready for the challenges and adventures of the present and the future.

The Kriya Meditation Course will answer many questions ~ questions that have perhaps remained unanswered within your mind for a long time, not just on purely spiritual matters but on eating, attitudes to life, sexual matters, partnerships, purpose in life, work, illness, leisure, friendships and other relationships.

It will also cover life and death, world crises, our place in the world and how we can contribute to peace, not only within ourselves but around us and the world. And how we can empower ourselves to be a force for good in this world.

This combination of spirituality, science and down to earth knowledge is for those who desire a Meditation that gives the depth and fullness to help them forward into a more joyful, peaceful and loving life.

We have a purpose in life and Meditation can help us to realise our potential, so that frustration and unease become a thing of the past. Creativity is an important expression of our being and Meditation will reveal and release our abilities so that we can fulfil ourselves in whatever way we choose.

Decision-making becomes more straightforward when we meditate ~ no more sitting on the fence and missing our chances. We can engage fully with life instead.

Our intuition, when developed, can play an important part in understanding, knowing and discovering knowledge ~ life becomes more enjoyable, more fun.

There is so much Kriya Meditation can give to us ~ experience it for yourself.

To book or find out more, contact Paul at Sherpa or the Open Pathway Retreat Centre: 01935 850266; ;

* The Open Pathway Retreat Centre & Training College, in Somerset, have been training students and teachers in the ancient art and science of Kriya Meditation since 1988.

** Paul also works in the care sector and is a registered foster carer. He holds an Enhanced DBS certificate