More on Yoga and improved performance

The word ‘yoga’ is an ancient Indian Sanskrit word meaning to yoke, join, bind, or come into union. What this means for a practitioner of yoga is a harmonising of each person on all levels of their being – body, mind and essence. We can often feel like our bodies and minds are separate, perhaps having conflicting needs and demands, making us feel frustrated, unsatisfied or unhappy.

Transformation Yoga’s aim is to re-connect us with every part of ourselves so that we become and feel unified, whole and harmonious. This also extends to feeling more connected to and therefore responsive to our colleagues.

In a nutshell, linking focus, breath and movement is what achieves this re-connection. The effect of this is increased welI-being, knowing who you are and what you’re doing, feeling and being organised and efficient, clear and confident. It makes us a better worker in whatever we do and the means to sustain our performance levels.

More specific benefits of Transformation Yoga practice can include:

  • More energy, resilience and creativity
  • A improvement in stress-related conditions; e.g. anxiety, depression migraines, IBS, asthma and eczema
  • Better sleep
  • More balanced blood pressure

Again, all of these benefits can support you and your staff to turn up for work more consistently and perform well.